Supporting The Sector

We drive change in our communities by working with partners in the Voluntary, Community, Faith and Social Enterprise sector.

Together, we engage organisations and tackle challenges through the Lancaster District VCFSE sector forum.

By building the capacity of our VCFSE partners, the sector becomes stronger, more influential, and better placed to deliver support.

Our partnerships are key to achieving our strategic aims and objectives. We help to:

  • Maximise the social and economic impact of the VCFSE sector, working together with local commissioners
    and decision-makers. 
  • Act as a bridge to the local and national government, ensuring that our local needs and strengths are recognised.
  • Support both VCFSE organisations and public sector partners, to co-producing strategies that address the needs of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people of Lancaster and North Lancashire.
  • Develop opportunities for VCFSE organisations to build meaningful partnerships with one another and jointly bid for contracts and funding.