Lancaster District Young People’s Foundation Trustee Pack

Young People’s Foundations (YPFs) are offering a positive and welcome model of local collaboration. They exist to improve the lives of children and young people. 

Our aim is to create a Foundation for the Lancaster district by bringing organisations working with children and young people together to create a stronger and more connected district, where all children and young people can thrive, be inspired, and realise their potential.

Each YPF is different, working to a flexible model which is shaped by local need and ambitions. However, all YPFs share commonalities, to read more about what these are please see the Young People’s Foundation Trust strategy, which provides a helpful overview.

Our Values


Membership is open to any group working with children and young people, with no limit on numbers. An equal voice will be given to all organisations, no matter their size.


The Foundation values the multitude of organisations that deliver youth and children’s work. There is a need for variety to meet the needs of as many young people as possible.


The Foundation is non-competitive and encourages collaboration between members. We will work to fundraise, coordinate and network to benefit our whole membership. We will not compete against members, nor will we deliver services which members could provide.


The needs of children and young people will be addressed by the public, voluntary and private sectors as a group rather than individually.


The Foundation works for, and with, small local organisations and retains a local focus.


The Foundation is designed for the long term. It is a constant.

This is a great opportunity for members of the community and representatives of the charity, public and private sector to lead on steering the direction of Lancaster District Young People’s Foundation.

You will act as an ambassador for the YPF and provide guidance in various decision-making processes as well as developing and overseeing the overall strategy of the organisation.

If you are committed to investing in change for local children and young people, we are interested in hearing from you. Prior experience on boards is not necessary; we can provide trustee training and support to our new Board members.

Lancaster District Young People’s Foundation is fully committed to diversity and equality of opportunity in everything that we do.

We are committed to making reasonable adjustments to our employment practices and premises, wherever possible, to ensure disabled people are not substantially disadvantage.

We welcome applications from everyone irrespective of gender, age, disability, gender reassignment, sexual orientation, race or religion and belief.

  • A passion and capability to support Lancaster District Young People’s Foundation to develop and achieve its vision, mission and business plan.
  • A passion for collaboration and putting the needs and voice of children and young people first.
  • A connection to the cause of working to improve young people’s lives.
  • An ambassador and advocate of our work.
  • Willingness to devote the required time & effort.
  • Be willing and able to input to the strategic, operational, and financial planning of the charity.
  • Sound independent judgement.
  • Creative thinker to help solve problems and to increase our impact.
  • Willingness to actively engage in the development of the charity by the way of email, phone, or discussion.
  • An understanding and acceptance of the legal duties, responsibilities, and liabilities of trusteeship.
  • An ability to work effectively in a team.
  • A commitment to the principles and values of the YPF Trust and the wider YPF Network

Skills sought:

  • Knowledge of the voluntary sector & understanding of the challenges it faces.
  • Experience of capacity building within the voluntary sector.
  • Leadership and leadership support and development.
  • Accessing and generating funding across public sector, private sector and trusts and foundations.
  • Specific expertise to support the skillset of the board for example in finance, human resources or legal skills.
  • Local, regional and national advocacy.
  • Communications and campaigns.
  • Connections to relevant networks.

The board of trustees will be collectively responsible for identifying areas of focus to be allocated to individual trustees, with an overall aim of supporting the charity to meet its charitable objectives. For example, Trustees may wish to lead on the following areas:

  • Voice of young people.
  • Advocacy, policy and influencing.
  • Strategy, long-term planning, sustainability and business model, YPF performance and alignment.
  • Finance
  • Links with the private sector.

Time commitment
Attendance at regular meetings will be required (regularity of meetings to be decided by the trustees)

Meetings will be scheduled and dates will be set for the full financial year. Board members will also be required to undertake preparation and reading before meetings.

Board members are unpaid, other than reimbursement for out of pocket expenses.

Sub-committees (for example Finance) and working groups may be required to meet according to need.

Please read the information on this page, particularly the Person Specification, before completing this form. If you have any questions about the form or the recruitment process, use our contact form to get in touch.

    Your Contact Details
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    Why do you wish to become a Trustee of Lancaster District Young People’s Foundation?

    Please tell us about any specific skills that you have that may be relevant to this opportunity.

    Please give details of two referees. Ideally they should have known you for at least two years and one should have known you in a professional capacity. Please state how you know them e.g. friend, tutor, employer etc..

    Referee 1
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    Relationship to you:

    Referee 2
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    Relationship to you:

    Have you ever been convicted of any criminal offence or been given an official written caution? (the provisions of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act apply)

    If you selected ‘Yes’ above, you should provide details by post (marked ‘Private & Confidential’) to Yak Patel, Lancaster District CVS, The Cornerstone, Sulyard Street, Lancaster LA1 1PX.

    By submitting this form, I declare that:

    • The information on this form is a true record.

    • I am over age 18.

    • I am not an undischarged bankrupt.

    • I have not previously been removed from trusteeship of a charity by a Court or the Charity Commission.

    • I am not under a disqualification order under the Company Directors’ Disqualification Act 1986.

    • I have not been convicted of an offence involving deception or dishonesty (unless the conviction is spent).

    • I am, in the light of the above, not disqualified by the Charities Act 1993 (section 72) from acting as a charity trustee.

    • I undertake to fulfil my responsibilities and duties as a trustee of Lancaster District Young People’s Foundation in good faith and in accordance with the law and within the Lancaster District Young People’s Foundation objectives / mission.

    • I do not have any financial interests in conflict with those of Lancaster District Young People’s Foundation (either in person or through family or business connections) except those which I have formally notified in a conflict of interest statement.

    • I will specifically notify any such interest at any meeting where trustees are required to make a decision which affects my personal interests, and I will absent myself entirely from any decision on the matter and not vote on it.

    • I have read the Privacy Notice Relating to Trustee Recruitment.