Brief History

Our Journey


Founded as a “Council of Community Service” following a meeting at Lancaster Town Hall.


Acquired funds to employ a part-time secretary for 10 hours per week.


  • Developed and supported new groups to meet needs such as Victim Support Scheme (1985), and the Lancaster Disablement Information and Support Service (1987).
  • Obtained funding to develop the Volunteer Bureau and open the Volunteer Information Centre at Sir Simon’s Arcade.
  • Appointed our first Chief Officer.
  • Moved to the Trinity Community Centre.


Secured a 5-year funding package from the Big Lottery BASIS Fund, recruited additional workers and expanded development work in the voluntary sector.


Moved to a new office with a fully equipped training room at The Cornerstone.


Secured funding to host the district’s Volunteer Centre with development support as part of a county-wide partnership between Lancashire County Council and ONE Lancashire. *


Began  The Art of Hosting  and “Conversations that Matter” program, bringing over 700 people from communities and partner organisations from all backgrounds to address complex challenges faced across Morecambe Bay.


Hosted the Better Care Together event – bringing together 140 VCFSE and Morecambe Bay Clinical Commissioning Groups to explore community health and wellbeing programs.


Delivered the Lancashire County Council Countywide Infrastructure Support Program – providing support to the VCFSE sector and supporting resident-led volunteer programs.


Delivered the Morecambe Bay Clinical Commissioning Group Transforming Communities programme by connecting communities together.


Developed the Lancashire Support Line in partnership with Lancaster City Council, NHS, and Hope Church to support residents through the COVID-19 pandemic. Developed the Bay Foundation and Urgent Response Fund to support the VCFSE COVID-19 response to the pandemic.

* Funding for the core work of LDCVS is still provided by Lancaster City Council and Lancashire County Council.