Post-COVID Lockdown Opportunities in Retail Volunteering

Barnardo’s have been supporting children and young people for over 150 years. Their presence in Lancaster District doesn’t go back quite that far, but many will be familiar with their shops in both Lancaster and Morecambe.
During the last couple of years, as the UK has gone in and out of lockdowns and restrictions, and Covid safety measures, many voluntary organisations have found it challenging to continue to deliver their services, hold on to their volunteers, and stay sustainable. One of the hardest-hit areas has been charity shops – partly due to the inability to trade and partly because people couldn’t drop off new donations.
So now as enter yet another new phase of life with Covid, many charity shops are re-open and looking for support, be it from new volunteers or newly donated items. Barnardo’s is an example of an organisation with plenty of opportunities to volunteer, including roles helping to fundraise online, which is one way of attempting to future-proof, because even if the shop is closed, money can still be generated through online sales and auction sites.
Volunteering in retail is a great way to build new skills, gain experience, and even make new friends. It is also often people’s first introduction to volunteering, with many people involved in other roles getting their start in a local charity shop. Barnardo’s even has a Volunteering Academy, which can support volunteers to gain a Level 2 qualification, as well as access other accredited courses.
So if you, or someone that you know, might be interested in joining a vibrant and diverse team, and volunteering in either a shop retail or digital retail role, you can either contact Mark at Lancaster District CVS for more details or visit Barnardo’s website, where you will be able to search for roles local to you. Another way to get involved is to pop into your local Barnardo’s shop, either on Penny Street in Lancaster or Euston Road in Morecambe and ask for more details. In fact, most charity shops are happy to help if you pop in for a chat. And if you don’t fancy retail, but are interested in volunteering, remember that you can visit the Lancaster CVS website for a wider range of options.

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