New Year – New You? Discover new passions and learn new skills!

It’s that time of the year when many of us embark on new challenges – some of which may fall by the wayside, some of which may become lifelong, life-changing habits. Whether it’s going to a gym, eating more healthily, quitting something that is bad for you, we wish you the very best of luck!

But did you know that the local voluntary sector is full of opportunities to try new things and discover new talents that you never knew you had?

The obvious example is volunteering, but the voluntary sector also offers a lot to local communities that people can simply participate in, no volunteering required.

For example, starting this January, a series of monthly workshops will be working with local people with skills in repairing, mending and maintenance to pass on their tips and techniques. The workshops are all about using resources efficiently: maintaining, preserving, and repairing to avoid throwing things away and consuming unnecessarily. Each month will have a different theme, with the first session on Sunday 21st January being on bicycle repair and maintenance. This skill-share session will deal with the basics of bicycle maintenance, looking at diagnosing the problem, gear and brake adjustment, and lubrication. You are welcome to bring your own bike along.

The sessions will take place at the Sustainability Hub, Unit 6, Marketgate Shopping Centre, Lancaster, Lancashire LA1 1JF. In February the workshop will be about lighting and heating, in March about laptop repair and maintenance, and a different topic will be covered each month. You can go to one or all of them.

Find out more, and sign up to the first session on bicycle repair, by visiting the booking website. There is a small fee to attend to help cover the costs of the workshop. This initiative is a partnership between FoodFutures and Green Rose as part of Closing Loops.

If practical skill-building isn’t your thing, there are countless activities taking place across the district in community centres, village halls, and other community spaces from churches to units in shopping arcades. And if you can’t find the thing that interests you, there are always opportunities to get something started with the help and support of our own CVS team. Check out the Lancaster District Directory as a starting point!