Lancaster District Community Learning Network – Developing skills in the community

Learning is a lifelong process; every day is a school day, so the saying goes. You would be forgiven for thinking that learning, training, or education is only available to people attending school, college, or university formally, and even then that it might only be open to people in their late teens and early twenties, but you would be wrong.

The Lancaster District Community Learning Network is a network of community education providers and community development organisations that are passionate about developing the skills of people living and working in our communities – in other words, you and me!

The Network’s aim is to provide educational pathways by offering a wide range of courses that can give people new skills that are valuable in all areas of life and work. They are working to provide community-led, community-based opportunities and your support in helping them to understand your community needs would be most welcomed

To that end, the Network would like to invite you to complete a 10 minute survey so that they can find out more about the skills and interests that you would like to discover. They would very much appreciate this survey being shared with your family, friends, and neighbours, in fact anyone that you think might be interested in community learning. You can complete the survey by visiting

Not everyone has access to a computer, the internet, or even if you do you might not have the skills or confidence to complete the survey above online, so please contact Yak Patel at Lancaster District CVS, either by email or by telephone at [email protected] or 01524 555900 (option 1) for paper copies of this survey, or we can help you complete it electronically.

You can find out more about the Community Learning Network vision and goals by visiting the CVS website at

Your input can help to make a positive impact not only on yourself but on the lives and future opportunities of your communities, so please do take part if you can. This is your chance to directly influence what could be available to you and your community, so that everyone can have a chance to learn new skills, regardless of their background or circumstances.