Community Celebrations Month Pop Up Fund – grants of up to £300 available throughout May

Has your community organisation got a reason to hold a party during the month of May?

We think there are lots of reasons for people to come together, connect, celebrate and party in May 2023, not least of which we have the King’s Coronation (weekend of the 6th – 8th) with the additional bank holiday and the Eurovision Song Contest (9th – 13th) hosted in Liverpool on behalf of last year’s winner Ukraine. In fact, there is a national day of celebration for something on just about every day of the month.

With this in mind we’ve opened a Community Celebrations Month Pop Up Fund with remaining money from the Lancaster Community Wellbeing Fund.

Fill out the quick and easy application form and your organisation could get up to £300 to help with providing the party resources you need to bring people together and make your celebration one to remember.

Find out more and apply