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Welcome to Lancaster District CVS.

Celebrating 40 years of Lancaster CVS –  past, present and future.

Lancaster District Community & Voluntary Solutions (LDCVS) delivers a comprehensive service to the Voluntary, Community & Faith Sector within Lancaster City (District) boundaries, continually promoting best practice, and innovation in the provision of locally based voluntary sector support. We work in partnership with statutory authorities, funders and other voluntary sector organisations to achieve excellence in the sector.

The district has in excess of 500 voluntary organisations many of which are umbrella bodies themselves representing a diverse range of organisations that both address issues and provide services to the community. These organisations may be local or national and encompass a wide range of interest including social welfare, education, health, housing, conservation, training and the environment.

Lancaster District Community and Voluntary Solutions (LDCVS) provides guidance, co-ordination, representation and development support to the voluntary, community, faith, and social enterprise sector across the Lancaster District and has been the main umbrella organisation for the last 40 years. Our core work supports collaboration through partnership meetings; shared learning through events; training and funding advice; volunteer support and resources, particularly to organisations that work within our most deprived communities. We help organisations that support people and their communities in these target areas that are likely to experience other barriers, directly or indirectly.
We have a long history of developing the skills of our members in order to build individual and group capacity and create participation. We work collaboratively across the public, private, charity and higher education sector, with the aim of creating and developing opportunities for the benefit of our members and individuals looking to volunteer. We campaign for small and large charitable organisations alike; working with commissioners and funders, so that positive outcomes can be achieved in our communities. We offer a volunteer brokerage service through our Volunteer Centre, supporting local not for profit organisations to find suitable volunteers to support service delivery, and helping local people to find appropriate opportunities.
Our purpose is enshrined in our mission statement and our charitable objectives, which we adopted in 2008.
“To promote, develop and support, through partnership, a dynamic and diverse voluntary and community sector”
Our Aims:
– To ensure the sector is well supported to deliver the best outcomes and the expertise of the sector is valued and maximised.
– To work with our partners to shape local services which best meets the needs of local people.
– To bring organisations together to build relationships, share, support and learn from each other.
– Help the sector to access the resources, funding and support it needs.
Our Values:
As a responsive charity LDCVS believes that the voluntary community, faith and social enterprise sector plays a critical role in tackling poverty and disadvantage by working with key stakeholders to address local inequalities. As a sector champion we aim to deliver to the highest standards in all we do. We strive to challenge oppression and prejudice, to promote diversity and to work towards a society where full equality of opportunities for all is a reality. Underpinning our work is our values and principles:


Values Commitments
Making a difference through
Passion Passionate about the Voluntary, Community, Faith and Social Enterprise Sector
Champion Sustainable, well-run, responsive and accessible organisation committed to our mission and values.
Equality Recognising the diversity of the Voluntary, Community, Faith and Social Enterprise Sector that are responsive to the varying needs on the spectrum of small to large organisations
Independence Championing the needs and values of the sector, particularly small frontline organisations working with communities with multiple disadvantages


Excellence Quality at the heart of all our activities
Empowerment Committed to operating transparently-our goal is to empower the sector and to support organisations and networks to become strong and independent in their own right
Collaboration Believe in sharing knowledge and resources and building and maintaining robust relationships across organisational and sectorial boundaries


Learning Believe all people are capable of growing, learning and developing throughout their lives
Voluntarism Championing the principle of voluntary contributions to life in North Lancashire

CVS Monthly Funding and Information Bulletin

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 Our vision

Yak Patel CVS’s new Chief Officer  talked to our AGM about his vision for the future:

“ Lancaster CVS has always been led by a strong vision for the district and we in the charitable sector have especially appreciated the emphasis on inclusive democracy, community development, under-represented communities and the arts as components of that vision. A key part of this vision is ensuring that marginalised communities have the “locally grown” organisations they need to participate fully in the districts’ future. It is hard for us to envision a strong district that does not have strong community-based institutions in low-income communities, in BME communities, faith communities and in rural communities.

I joined CVS for a reason…..” to see a copy of the full presentation go to:

Letter to members, friends, colleagues AGM 2014..