Volunteering with North Lancashire Counselling Service

Mental health and wellbeing is often neglected, not just by us in our own lives but also by those in power, with resources seemingly limited more and more, and anyone who has ever had cause to call upon mental health services will know the challenge of getting an appropriate referral and appointment.

North Lancashire Counselling Service (NLCS) is a relatively small charity, run entirely by volunteers. For more than 30 years they have offered counselling, either free or by donation, to adults over 18 in and around the Lancaster area.

People seek counselling for a wide range of reasons, including anxiety, bereavement, depression, self-esteem, relationship difficulties, and experiences of abuse, among many others. North Lancashire Counselling aims to offer a safe, caring, person-centred environment in which you can explore what is important to you, and feel supported in doing so along the way.

“My experience with the service has been entirely positive,” explains one service user. “It has helped me to realise and express some of the issues exacerbating my mental health problems, and has helped me better my life.”

This amazing, local, voluntary run service needs your support. They are currently looking for a new chairperson as part of their trustee board, as well as qualified counsellors to help support local people.

The chairperson liaises directly with the Vice Chair and Secretary to help chair quarterly Trustee meetings, as well as the AGM – currently all via video-link. They will also manage and develop the ongoing work of the service, such as the recruitment of volunteers, working to best practice, fund-raising, updates to policies and procedures, and managing any safeguarding concerns which may arise.

Counsellors should possess a relevant qualifications, and NLCS will normally consider applicants from courses that are equivalent to the BACP course accreditation requirements.

Does this sound like you? Would you like to volunteer your time and skills to support local people, and perhaps build upon your own skills and experience? If you would like to find out more, you should contact Lancaster District CVS and we will connect you with NLCS through our Volunteer Centre.