Visually Impaired

Writing Applications

Hints for success

Allow plenty of time to complete your application

Make sure you’ve answered all the questions

  • For example, if you are asked about what your group does, be very clear about your activities, who is involved, what area you cover, what benefits your work provides. Always presume the funder knows nothing about your organisation, and explain your work clearly whilst remaining as succinct as possible.

Ensure you include all of the documents you have been asked for

This may include:

  • A signed copy of the groups rules or constitution
  • A signed copy of the groups latest annual accounts or income/expenditure document
  • A signed copy of the groups current Child Protection Policy (if the project includes one to one working with young people under 19)
  • A signed copy of the terms and conditions (if included)
  • Breakdown of costs and copies of quotes if asked for