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Work with Local Governments

Lancaster District Community Voluntary Solutions (LDCVS) is committed to working in partnership with the Lancaster City Council and Lancashire County Council to build effective local relationships.Building a good working relationship with our local governments is crucial for the local Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise Sector (VCSE) and how the partnership can lead to better lives for our local communities. The strategic policy work of Lancaster District Community Voluntary Solutions aims to reflect this and enhance partnerships between the sector and council departments. 

We are working with our partners on these key objectives:

  • Community Engagement – developing a voice for the sector through the Lancaster District Voluntary, Community and Faith Sector Forum to enable this sector to participate more effectively and to increase the accountability of service providers within local authorities;
  • Capacity Building – to ensure that local VCSE have the ability to properly influence and, where appropriate, deliver services on behalf of our community.

LDCVS’s Partnership work complements our strategic aims and objectives by:

  • Working with local commissioners and decision makers to ensure the social and economic value of the VCSE is maximised,
  • Acting as a bridge between the VCSE and lo­cal governments to ensure partnership approaches to local needs,
  • Supporting the local VCSE to co-produce strategies with the public sector which address the needs of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people of Lancaster / North Lancashire,
  • Bringing third sector organisations closer to authorities, funders and policy makers.
  • Provide opportunities for VCFS organisations to form partnerships and bid for contracts and funding opportunities as robust, evidence-based consortia.

Lancaster City Council Corporate Plan 2015-18

The council continues to face up to the challenges presented by the current economic climate by placing an increased emphasis on the things that matter most to people of the district, and by rationalising and developing its use of resources, be they staff, property or technology – and of course, finance . As community leaders, there is a commitment to working with those public services who can help have a positive impact on life in the district. The following Corporate plan outlines the councils strategy on community leadership amongst other key priorities for the district. for further information, click on the link below:

Lancaster City Council Corporate-Plan 2015-18


Lancashire Local Area Agreement

The Lancashire Local Area Agreement 2006-2009

The Local Area Agreement for Lancashire was published in 2006, with a review carried out in 2007.

Local area agreements (LAAs) are central to the Government’s agenda for local services. Government guidance states that to be successful a LAA will need to involve the Voluntary, Community & Faith Sector (VCFS) to help “identify, shape and deliver” local services. Partnership working is the key to a successful Local Area Agreement so the role of the Local Strategic Partnership (LSP) is crucial. A statement of how Lancashire has consulted with the VCFS as a partnership is included in the document.

See also the Lancashire County Council website:…


The Compact is the agreement between government and the voluntary and community sector in England to improve their relationship for mutual advantage. The challenge is now for Local Compacts to be used effectively as tools to support local partnership working.

National Compact

The National Compact is entitled: Getting it right together. Compact on Relations between Government and the Voluntary and Community Sector in England.

It has 4 Key Codes of Good Practice:

  • Funding and Procurement
  • Black and Minority Ethnic Voluntary and Community Organisations
  • Consultation and Policy Appraisal
  • Volunteering

For more details on the National Compact see:

Lancashire County Council

Getting It Right, The Lancashire County Council Compact

Has published a Compact on relations between Lancashire County Council and the voluntary, community and faith sectors in Lancashire. This compact was drawn up in partnership after consultation with voluntary, community and faith groups. It includes a funding code of practice and a general statement on working together.